Vertical Roller Mill Used In Cement Industry

Vertical roller mill can be considered as one of core machines in the cement industry. It is usually used in the finish grinding during the process of cement production. Currently, with the continual increasing demand for portland cement and constant pressure for reduced energy consumption, producers are exploring a wide variety of cost-saving manufacturing options.

So many applications have proved that the use of vertical roller mill can have a great impact on the reduction of energy consumption. Vertical roller mills present a compact and efficient grinding method. Just as with a ball mill, material that is too coarse is returned to the table for additional grinding while material that is fine enough is collected as product.

The compact design of a vertical roller mill allows it to dry, grind, and classify, all within one piece of equipment and all in a relatively compact space. Vertical roller mill integrates three functions into one set, such as power consumption savings, consistent product quality and process simplification. By changing various vertical roller mill operating parameters, significant adjustments in the particle size distribution, retention time, and fineness of the finished cement can be achieved.

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