Track Mobile Crusher VS Portable Crusher

Action Force

Tyre mobile crusher station can not be completely called mobile crusher, because its turning movement depends on semi-trailer head for traction, so it is not as good as self-hydraulic track mobile crusher station.

Suitable Site

Because the tyre mobile crushing station is driven by vehicle, it is more suitable for the crushing of various sand and stone materials in construction waste treatment, earthwork, urban infrastructure and road construction, construction and other industries.

Track mobile crusher chassis adopts full rigid track ship structure, which has high strength, low grounding pressure, good passing ability, good adaptability to mountain and wetland, and even can achieve slope climbing operation, so it is mostly used in some harsh operating environments such as mine mining and open-pit coal mining.

Work Efficiency

When the tyre mobile crushing station works, because the hydraulic leg under the frame is fixed, the stability of the whole station is increased. The stability is the basis of the operation of the mobile crushing station. Good stability enables the whole station to be equipped with large crusher equipment, that is to say, the tyre mobile crushing station can carry out powder of large materials. Crushing operations, and extremely efficient.

The stability of track mobile crushing station is weak, which leads to the high efficiency of track mobile crushing station.

Device Performance

The wheelbase of the mobile crushing station is short, the turning radius is small, and the road surface is not damaged. It can run flexibly on the ordinary highway and in the working area.

Track mobile crushing station can realize in-situ steering and standard configuration. It is easy to drive the crusher to the trailer and transport it to the operation site by wireless remote control.

Finished Products

At present, portable crusher is applied to the crushing treatment of construction waste. The recycled aggregate produced by portable crusher has good granularity and is conducive to recycling. Semi-open discharging system is suitable for crushing construction garbage containing a small amount of steel bars, with fine discharging, less over-crushing and good granulation. It is especially suitable for producing environmental protection bricks.

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