Stone Production Line Cost

How to effectively reduce the cost of the stone production line

The first option: less investment. In order to reduce the investment in the stone production line to a small extent, a good solution is to adopt a certain way to transform the rotor of the crusher. Because the rotor has been modified, its life expectancy can be increased by 1~2 times on the original basis.

The second option: the use of high-quality stone production line equipment materials. Usually, the crusher is an indispensable device for the production line, and the material in the crushing process often causes greater wear on its counter-attack hammer and its hammer. Not only will it increase production time and reduce production efficiency, but it will also lead to an increase in overall production costs.

Therefore, in order to increase the service life of these consumable parts by about 1/2 to 1 time, ultra-high chrome plate hammers and large gold hammers are generally used to replace the original counter-attack hammers and crusher hammers. As a result, the wear resistance of the fittings will increase to a certain level, and the cost of the entire production line will decrease.

The third option: to improve the working efficiency of the sand making machine and the two-stage impact crusher and the three-stage impact crusher, because the crusher itself has a good crushing effect and its investment is relatively small.

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