Stone Crusher Factors Need to be Considered

Feeding Granularity

Feeding particle size is the key to selecting stone crusher. Under normal circumstances, the particle size of the stone crusher is 150mm-1200mm, and the feed size of different products is different. As long as the stone meets the feeding standard, the stone can be broken. The machine broke it.

Material Characteristics

The performance characteristics of different materials are different, and their strength, hardness, friability, etc. are different, so the way of applying the broken force is also different. The jaw crusher selected by the concentrator should be adapted to the nature of the material to have a good crushing effect.

Performance Characteristics

There are many types of crushers, some are suitable for coarse crushing, some are suitable for medium crushing, and some are suitable for fine crushing. Therefore, the ore dressing plant should clearly define the key points of the mineral processing operation.

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