Silica Sand Mining Equipment

Silica Sand Crushing

In silica mining process, the extracted mineral materials will be first crushed for size reduction. Crushing plants are usually composed of a primary crushing unit and a secondary crusher with a screen plant. Crushing plants are powered by either a large diesel engine, or by a generator.

The big massive rocks will be first conveyed to the primary crusher. The primary crusher crushes the shot rock into what is referred to as small particles. And then the primarily crushed material is conveyed to the secondary crushing plant for further crushing.

The resulting material is fed to a vibrating screen where it is sorted by size. Smaller particles of a targeted size are carried away to stockpiles. Larger particles are recycled within the plant to the secondary crusher and screens until they have reached the desired size. Zenith provides various silica sand mining equipment for sale.

Silica Sand Processing Plant

After size reduction, the sand is washed to remove fine particles. Washing is done by spraying the sand with water as it is carried over a vibrating screen. The fine particles are washed off the sand and the coarse particles are carried along the screen by the vibration. Some processing operations also use what is called an up flow clarifier to wash the sand. An up flow clarifier is essentially a tank where water and sand are continuously directed into the tank. The water washes the sand and the overflow water along with the fines overflow the tank while the washed sand falls by gravity to the bottom of the tank and is sent for further processing.

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