Sand Making Machine Price

As we all know, the high quality equipment and low sand making machine equipment price will bring contractors high profits. Choosing the suitable sand making machine is very important for the production process.

VSI crusher from Zenith can be used as the sand making machine. VSI crusher integrates three kinds of crushing patterns material on material, material on iron and falling at sides. Customers can adjust the machines according to their own demand. VSI crusher realizes multiple functions in one machine, which is a big breakthrough in sand making field.

Special features of Sand making machine

  • Silt and soil free clean sand;
  • Fine particles of the dust can be removed by controlling the air draft;
  • The sand of cubical particles and rounded edges particles can be manufactured;
  • In comparison with river sand, machine made sand is having more compressive strength;
  • The complete plants are fully automatic. Only one operator for starting, stopping. And routing maintenance, greasing etc. is required;
  • Sand of any grade can be manufactured; only by changing the sieve of the screen grade of the sand can be changed. Capacity of the machine if given anywhere should be taken for grade sand. For finer sand, capacity of the machine will decrease accordingly.

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