Mobile Concrete Crushers for Sale

The mobile concrete crushing machine refers to the mobile impact crusher which is equipped with an entirely new impact-type crusher. The machine can crush concrete debris into aggregates of desired size more efficiently than the conventional crusher. Our portable concrete crushing equipment is reliability, productivity and fast assembly for economical crushing natural stone, asphalt, building rubble and reinforced concrete. Our mobile concrete crushers for sale have the following highlights.

Highlights of portable concrete crushing equipment

Greatest quality of final products

As a result of the flexibility and adaptability of Zenith gear, that you are in a position to attain the highest profit;

Produced for your various needs

You have got no use for a standard kind. The machines from Zenith would be the most effective and financial ones to meet your special requirements;

Rapid and straightforward assembly, dismantling and transport

Hydraulic systems will allow a dismantling time of occasionally much less than 30 minutes. Resulting from the sophisticated transport program plus the right transport dimensions the costs of each time and transportation are kept really low;

Rigid-but not oversized

The way how Zenith machines are built have guarantees, that the mass is concentrated exactly where it really is necessary the most. Hence the low transportation weight;

Simple operation of the plant

Automatic start-, stop- and controlling systems combined using a remote control permit a self-maintained operation in the plant. To optimize the feed capacity the crusher motor is automatically operating at nominal present. That again makes it possible for a productivity increased of 20% min;

Reliability of operation lowers the production costs

All operating units are drive by electric gear motors and performed by a super sound silenced diesel generator set which can be improved efficiency than hydraulic drive, no danger of oil leakages, lower maintenance charges respectively greater availability. An integrated spraying program, the sound protection and possibility to install an extra de-dusting unit with automatic filter cleaning take care of the atmosphere friendly operation even in sensitive regions.

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