Jaw Crusher Operation

The equipment must be thoroughly inspected before the jaw crusher is started. Check the wear condition of the broken tooth plate, adjust the size of the discharge port; check whether there is ore in the crushing cavity, if there is a large ore, it must be taken out; check whether the connecting screw is loose, whether the protective cover of the pulley and the flywheel is intact, triangle Whether the belt and tie rod springs are tight, the oil tank (or dry oil reservoir) is filled with oil and the lubrication system is in good condition, the electrical equipment and signal system are normal, and so on.

While the machine is running. If too much or too much crushing is blocked, the ore should be suspended. After the ore in the crushing chamber is broken, the mining machine is started. However, the crusher is not allowed to stop running at this time. In operation, it should normally not exceed 60 °C to prevent the alloy bearing bush from melting and cause burnt tile accident; when the bearing temperature is found to be high, do not stop the operation immediately, and take effective measures to reduce the bearing temperature (such as adding Large oil supply, forced ventilation or water cooling, etc., after the bearing temperature drops, check and troubleshoot the parking.

When the crusher stops, it must be stopped in the order of the production process. First of all, it is necessary to stop the ore supply. After the ore in the crushing chamber is completely discharged, the crusher and the belt conveyor are stopped. When the crusher is stopped, the motor of the oil pump can be stopped.

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