Iron Ore Crushing Production Line

Iron Ore Crushing Production Line

The iron ore raw material is uniformly fed by the TSW1139 feeder, and the HJ98 high energy smashing is used for coarse breaking, and then the cone is broken into CS160 for two breaking.

The second broken stone enters 3YA1860 for screening, and the returning material enters the second breaking, 0-15mm. 15-25mm is sieved out.

Product Advantages

1. HJ98 jaw crusher: Through the optimization of the crushing cavity type, eccentricity and dynamic trajectory, the output of HJ is greatly improved compared with other products of the same specification; the machine vibration is lower and the operation is more stable; through screw or hydraulic.

The cylinder control adjustment seat moves forward and backward, which can realize the adjustment of the discharge opening conveniently and quickly, which greatly facilitates the operation management of the site; the equipment structure is effective and simplified, and the arrangement is reasonable.

2. CS160: Optimize its cavity shape in the traditional spring cone crusher technology to further improve its performance; retain its traditional and reliable spring safety device, and change the adjustment device to hydraulic pushing device to ensure the stability of the equipment to the utmost extent. Under the premise, the operation is more convenient.

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