Fly Ash Grinding Machine

The structure design of the fly ash mill is quite reasonable. It is usually composed of motor, analysis machine, blower, finished cyclone, blade, grinding roller, grinding ring, spring tie rod, blade, spring seat and other important components.

working principle

The fly ash material enters the inside of the mill from the feeding device and is fed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The grinding machine is driven by the transmission device to move the grinding roller device suspended on the plum blossom frame, along with the vertical axis.

The revolution and its own rotation, the grinding roller is constantly swinging outwards to press the grinding ring. The fly ash material is crushed by the rolling of the grinding rolls to be ground. After grinding, the fly ash material is blown up by the fan and sent to the analysis machine for sorting.

After sorting, it will enter the cyclone collector with the wind flow. If it fails, it will fall into the grinding chamber again and grind again until it meets the requirements. Production requirements.


  • 1. Super large capacity: Improved grinding roller linkage supercharging technology can keep the operation more stable, and the output is increased by 20%-30%;
  • 2, ultra-high efficiency: rationalized curved air duct, reduce airflow resistance, avoid clogging, improve the efficiency of the host and fan by about 40%;
  • 3, ultra-low pollution: equipped with high-efficiency dust collector, dust removal effect can reach more than 99.99%, to achieve dust-free operation, while the machine vibration is small, low noise, operating noise is controlled within the standard decibel;
  • 4, value-for-money benefits: the equipment is economical, and the quality is strong, fewer failures, reducing operating and maintenance costs;
  • 5, ultra-low energy consumption: accurate calculation of transmission ratio, and repeated practice, very scientific, can reduce energy consumption loss of more than 60%;
  • 6. Super-strong effect: The fineness of the fly ash after grinding is uniform, the impurities are low, the purity is high, the quality is very good, and the industrial value is raised, and the market price is also raised.

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