Construction Waste Crusher In Gansu, China

Technological Process

  • After screening, iron removal and classification, the disposable raw materials are processed by impact crusher.
  • After processing, the raw materials enter the moving cone breaking treatment again, and are transported to the vibrating screen for screening.
  • After screening, the finished products can produce different specifications and models at the same time.

Processing Advantages

  • Multi-unit cooperation, high production efficiency;
  • Good stability and uniform output granularity.
  • Excellent operation performance, reliable quality of equipment, low maintenance cost;
  • It is flexible and convenient to move, and can be processed and produced in situ with small area.
  • The quality of the equipment is too hard, the running time is long and the service life is long.

Customer Feedback

Mobile crushing station is flexible in movement and has strong processing ability. Its working effect has been recognized by relevant personnel. Its production efficiency exceeds the expected target and plans to expand its business.

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