Coal Washing Machine Common Troubleshooting

1.Solenoid valve plug, seal ring leak

Cause: The filter is ineffective, the high pressure air has more water and impurities, and it is not cleaned when the solenoid valve is inspected.

Solution: In addition to the replacement of the filter, the solenoid valve should be cleaned and replaced at regular intervals (about 30 days).

2.The cylinder valve plate does not move or moves slowly

Cause: The air supply pressure is lower than the rated value, the solenoid valve hole is blocked or the seal ring is damaged, the solenoid valve coil is short-circuited or burned out, the filter is clogged, the cylinder piston ring is damaged, the cylinder is rusty or there is debris.

Solution: Check the air supply pipe for leaks and replace the faulty components.

3.Large cylinder impact noise

Cause: Buffer rubber aging

Solution: Replacement of cushion rubber

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