Coal Production Line Case

The coal production line can realize centralized control, automatic production, automatic fault elimination and other processes in the production process. It has the advantages of simple control, easy learning and easy use.

Material characteristics

Raw materials: sulphoaluminate cement clinker, Portland cement, metakaolin, lime, gypsum, etc.
Feed particle size: <1mm
Water content: <5%
Application: grouting and filling materials

Production Requirements

1. Without grinding: After the weighing material is weighed and weighed by the weighing system, it enters the gravity-free mixing system for agitation, and then is sent to the finished large tank for storage through the pneumatic conveying system, and finally the bag is transported.

2. grinding machine grinding: the required raw materials through the feeding equipment into the weighing system for weighing ingredients, and then into the gravity-free mixing system for mixing and mixing, the mixture into the grinding system for grinding and grading, and finally sent to the finished product through the pneumatic conveying system The tanks are stored and bagged as needed.


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