Coal Mining Process Plant

To make best use of the coal, it is very necessary to know the coal mining process plant. The coal mining process starts with the crushing equipment. With the help of vibrating feeder, the coal raw materials will be taken into jaw crusher for the first crushing process.

The big block coal will be crushed into smaller size. Then the cone crusher or impact crusher will be used for the secondary crushing process. The crushed materials will be further crushed. If necessary, the grinding machine will be used to grind the coal into fine or ultrafine size. To eliminate the undesired materials involved in coal, vibrating screen will be used to separate the impurities.

After the crushing and grinding process, beneficiation process will play great role. The classifier is mainly to remove the ash in the production process. In a heavy-media washing plant, all the cleaning is done by flotation in a medium of selected specific gravity, maintained by a dispersion of finely ground magnetite in water. With the help of dryer, you can get the clean coal.

Working principles

The raw coal enters the mill via an airtight feed screw and is discharged onto the center of the rotating grinding table. The rotation of the table accelerates the flow of material towards the grinding track where the coal is ground between the table and the three rollers. The coal then continues over the dam ring and is entrained in the hot drying air that enters the mill house through the nozzle ring.

The air lifts the coarser particles back onto the grinding table and sweeps the finer particles up to the separator that lets the final product proceed to the mill outlet while returning the coarse fraction to the table for further grinding. Having left the mill at the top, the final product continues with the air to a cyclone or a bag filter where it is collected.

Also there is something to be attention. Before starting the mill motor, the rollers are lifted off the grinding track. When the mill fan has been running for a short while, mill feed is started and the rollers are lowered onto the grinding bed.

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