Calcium Carbonate Production Line

Generally used for the production of d97 ≥ 3-5μm products, the crushing equipment mainly includes vertical roller mill, ball mill, vibration mill, pressure roller mill and various mechanical impact mills.

The ball mill is the main equipment of the large-scale heavy calcium carbonate production line. It is used to produce heavy calcium carbonate products of grades d97=5μm, 10μm, 16μm and 45μm after being equipped with various classifiers.

The vertical roller mill has a simple process, but the output is low, and it is mainly used in small and medium-sized heavy calcium carbonate production plants;

Key Indicators of Production Line

  • The raw material particle size is not more than 8mm;
  • Product specifications and output: d97 ≤ 5μm 12,000 tons / year, d97 ≤ 10μm 18,000 tons / year, d97 ≤ 45μm 40,000 tons / year;
  • The installed power is about 1730kW;
  • Compressed air pressure 600kPa, gas volume m3 / min;
  • The circulating cooling water is 17m3/h.

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