Bentonite Machine

Bentonite powder is generally divided into bentonite coarse powder processing (0-3MM), fine powder processing (20 mesh – 400 mesh), and ultrafine powder deep processing of bentonite (400 mesh – 1250 mesh) and micropowder processing (1250 mesh – 3250 mesh) ) four types.

Working Process Of Bentonite Mill

The main working process of the bentonite mill is to drive the central shaft to rotate by the transmission device. The upper part of the shaft is connected with the plum blossom frame, and the grinding roller device is mounted on the frame to achieve the function of swinging the fulcrum, which not only rotates around the center.

At the same time, the grinding roller is also rotated around the grinding ring, and the grinding roller itself will rotate due to the grinding action. The lower end of the plum blossom frame is equipped with a blade, which is located under the grinding roller.

When the blade rotates with the grinding roller, the material shovel is fed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to form a cushion layer, and the material layer is ground. When the rotation of the roller produces internal and external squeezing forces, the material is crushed, thereby achieving the purpose of milling.

Bentonite Machine For Sale

Bentonite grinding production line usually consists of jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, mill main machine, analysis machine (selection machine), auxiliary machine, fan, centralized electric control and other equipment, According to the different needs of users, you can choose to configure the vertical roller mill, ultrafine mill, ball mill or other mill.


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