Barite Grinding Production Line

Barite itself is of high value, but if processed, its comprehensive utilization rate will be greatly improved. For this reason, technical personnel have explored the characteristics of barite and the local geographical location, and designed a perfect barite grinding production line, the specific process is as follows:

1. Crushing: Barite raw materials with large particle size need to be crushed first. Here, jaw crusher is used for primary crushing. After crushing, it is evenly fed into the silo by bucket elevator.

2. Grinding: Electromagnetic vibration feeder uniformly feeds barite in silo into Raymond mill for grinding treatment, grinding to a certain number of meshes;

3. Flour separation: After grinding, barite is classified into flour separator, and unreasonable fine powder is re-fed into Raymond mill for grinding.

4. Collection: Qualified barite powder is collected by pipeline device, and then sent to warehouse for packaging.

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