Ball Mill For Fly Ash Grinding

Coal milling equipment mainly includes the following three types. With more than 30 years of experience, our services include mill inspections and performance evaluations including off-site grinding roller rebuild and refurbishment. As part of our quality-focused commitment to continuously improve coal mill pulverizer operability and maintainability. Several major design upgrades have been made available. These customerizd upgrades have assisted many of our customers in dramatically reducing maintenance budgets. while improving pro?t ability throughout the equipment’s long service life.

Fly Ash Ball Mill Technical Advantages

1. High capacity and Low consumption: the capacity of SCM series super-micro mill, compared with that of jet mill and mixing mill, has been improved by 40% under the same final fineness and electric power.

2. High fineness and Flexible adjustment: the final fineness can be adjusted from 325 meshes to 2500 meshes according to the requirements, and the fineness can reach D97≤5um.

3. Trustworthy security: there is no rolling bearing and bolt in the mill chamber, therefore, the bearing and sealing elements will not wear out easily, and the bolts will not loose to make damage to the equipment.

4. Clean and environment-friendly: equipped with the pulse filter and sound absorber, the mill reaches the environment-friendly standard of our country and reduces the dust and noise greatly.

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Zenith engineers expect to help you design the circuit control and operate, optimize the mill. Productive grinding system is the achievement through the combined efforts of multiple disciplines, such as mechanic design, material metallurgy, technology design and instruments application, etc. ideal grinding outcome only could be obtained from refinement and delicacy design for every small detail.

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