Aggregate Production Process

Feeding System

Aggregate production line system is to send raw materials to crusher equipment and screening machine, according to crushing and screening process. There are vibratory feeder or other types of feeding equipment to complete the feeding section. In sand and gravel production line, the supply of stone is generally responsible for feeder equipment.

Crushing System

The aggregate production line system is the heart of the whole set of equipment. Its job is to crush all kinds of ore raw materials into the required size of finished materials. A combined sand and aggregate production line can be composed of several crushers. These crushing machines have different properties and work together to finish crushing of stones.

Screening And Conveying System

The aggregate production line system is to sifter the broken ore by sieving machinery. In the sand-aggregate composite production line, sand and aggregate need to be separated, and graded sand and aggregate need to be transported to their respective sites. The equipment used in this process is generally linear vibrating screen or other screening mechanical equipment.

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