Aggregate Production Line

Aggregate, a granular loose material that acts as a skeleton or filling in concrete. Because it plays a skeleton and supporting role in buildings, it is called aggregate as the skeleton of human body. When mixing materials, cement pastes when mixing with water. If no aggregate is added, it will not be formed and will lead to unusable. So aggregate is a very important raw material in construction.

Classification Of Aggregates

Coarse aggregate: also known as stone, refers to aggregates larger than 4.75 mm in diameter, mainly pebbles and artificial gravel, pebbles are naturally formed by natural weathering or water transport and other near-circular or elliptical rocks, gravel is mainly made by mechanical crushing and screening, according to their different uses, raw materials can be limestone, bluestone, stone, etc. All kinds of rocks such as pebble, granite, Xuan Wuyan and so on.

Fine aggregate: also known as sand, refers to aggregates smaller than 4.75 mm in diameter, mainly natural sand and artificial sand, natural sand is river sand, Lake sand, mountain sand and desalinated sea sand, etc. Artificial sand through the sand machine, the rock will be broken into particles like natural sand, its raw materials like crushed stone, according to its use to choose all kinds of rocks. .

Aggregate Production Line

Aggregate production line is feeding to crusher through feeder, crushing material in crusher, and then passing through conveyor belt to vibrating screen to screen out finished material. All equipment in this production process constitute aggregate production line.

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