Active Carbon Production Line

In the last decade public awareness and concern over the quality of drinking water has resulted in more and more consumers turning to point-of-use devices for treating water to their own desired level of quality. This is reflected in the market for home water filters, designed to remove objectionable tastes and odors and organic contaminants from water, which has experienced substantial growth. The material in these filters, activated carbon, is recognized as effective and reliable in removing impurities. Active carbon is most commonly produced by grinding the raw material, adding a suitable binder to give it hardness, re-compacting and crushing to the correct size. Due to its good market prospect, making active carbon has become a profitable choice for many investors. Here we focus on our production line for grinding active carbon in Romania.

Design From Mining Engineers

BIMETAL Romania is looking for a supplier of complete production line (turn-key project) to grind and sieve active carbon. At that time, Zenith has developed its newly-design grinding equipment. Our customer need a production line for grinding varied types of active carbon, including mesh 50*100; 100*200; 200*400 and dust. Based on his requirement, engineers from Zenith
designs a complete production line for BIMETAL Romania. The focus of active carbon production line lies in the use of grinding mill. We install the MTW trapezium grinding mill and ultrafine Series grinding mill in the production line. As for the associated machinery, the use of elevator and bag-type dust collector can improve the environment of working site.

Outcome of Project

design of production line for grinding active carbon is acceptable by our customer. Today, our customer has got an abundant return from this production line. We feel very glad to help our customers realize his mining dream.

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