700 t/h Limestone Crushing Production Line

In order to meet the needs of users for the production of limestone, the manufacturer has allocated a crushing production line with an output of 700 tons per hour. Its technological process is as follows:

1, Coarse crushing

Material is evenly and continuously fed into jaw crusher for rough crushing under the action of feeder.

2. Medium and fine crushing

The crushed material is sent to cone crusher under the action of conveyor to further crush, and the fine limestone is screened by vibration screen.

3. Screening

Material finely crushed by cone crusher is screened effectively by vibrating screen, and unqualified materials are returned to the upper layer for re-crushing.

4, Finished products

Qualified screening materials are sent to the finished product stack under the action of conveyor for grading and packaging.

Equipment configuration: jaw crusher, cone crusher, feeder, vibration screen, conveyor and other equipment.

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