200 tph Construction Waste Treatment Production Line

Main equipment configuration: 1 KF1214II-1 mobile crushing station

Process flow: solid waste is fed by the excavator, and the rod vibrating feeder is equipped with a feeding purlin. The feeding material can be pre-screened, and a part of the fine material that does not need to be broken is directly sieved out through the purlin, and the belt conveyor is passed through the belt conveyor.

Output, bulk material through the feeder evenly into the crushing equipment PFW1214II European version of the counter-break, the waste is broken to meet the discharge requirements, through the belt conveyor output. The customer needed a mix and therefore did not have a screening device.

Equipment configuration advantages: The project I designed by our company, using the most advanced K series mobile crushing station, greatly reduced unnecessary investment.

Compared with the fixed production line, the K-series mobile station has a short engineering cycle and fast follow-up, which not only reduces the investment risk and opportunity cost of investors, but also avoids the demolition and construction work after the project is completed, and is more economical and environmentally friendly;

Excellent depreciation and preservation ability enables investors to quickly put into new projects, or sell discounts and reduce investment costs.

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