New and Used Ball Mill for Sale

Ball mill is a common grinding machine. It is also the key equipment in grinding industry. Ball mill is suitable for grinding various materials with different hardness and humidity. That's because it has two kind of grinding modes, dry process and wet process. Customers can control the capacity and final products' fineness by adjusting the diameter of the ball. The final products can be adjusted between 0.074mm to 0.4mm according to customers' requirement.

New and Used Ball Mill for Sale

Compared with other kinds of grinding mill, ball mill has many advantages. First all of, ball mill is easy to operate and maintain owing to its simple structure. Secondly, ball mill has a wider application for grinding hard materials. Thirdly, the stability and performance are ensured. But to be honest, traditional ball mill also has some shortcomings. The volume of ball mill is big. There exists strong vibration and noise during the operation. The efficiency of traditional ball mill is low and with high energy consumption.

In order to solve all of above shortcomings, our professional engineers designed new type ball mill. Compared with traditional ball mill, this new product's structure is more reasonable and compact. In this way, the stability of this new type ball mill increases significantly. And the footprint of it greatly reduces. In order to solve the vibration and noise problems, our ball mill adopted the fine processing technology. The accuracy of parts and overall equipment guaranteed. The new design also increases the efficiency of the mill and reduces the energy consumption.

Our ball mill is widely used in various materials processing line. And it has a good evaluation among customers. As a professional mining equipment manufacturer, we provide new and used ball mill for sale. If you want to buy a efficient ball mill, Zenith is your best choice. Our products and service will make you feel satisfied. Of course, if you have any question our engineers also can help you solve it.

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