Ultrafine Mill Used In Medicine Industry

Description: Ultrafine mill has an important application in medicine industry, and plays the incomparable superiority. With the development of technology, more and more industries increase the demand degree of the ultrafine mill. Especially, the application of ultrafine mill in the traditional medicine industry, increases the breadth and depth of its application, but also promotes the development of traditional medicine industry. They promote mutually, and jointly develop.

The traditional medicine micro powder which is grinded by the ultrafine mill, has reached superfine. So there is no need to add any accessories, and you can directly pelletize. At the same time, the fiber has certain water swelling. While the expansion particle of superfine fiber is more. After enter into stomach, the dissolving speed is faster. Because the drug fineness is minimal, it will be absorbed by human body and have the therapeutic effect in the small intestine.

Ultrafine Mill

The application of ultrafine mill in medicine industry makes drug powder more fine and homogeneous. Increase the contact area with the gastrointestinal mucosa. It is better to disperse and dissolve in gastrointestinal fluids, and easy to be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. The effect is obviously enhanced. Whether topical or oral administration, the medicine by ultrafine mill processing, can use the smaller doses and get greater efficacy. For the mineral medicinal materials, part can not be dissolved in water. After treatment by ultrafine mill, the size is decreasing, and accelerates the dissolution in vivo, increasing the absorption quantity.

Ultrafine mill can promote the insoluble medicine components to dissolve without breaking. This is conducive to the discovery of new minerals, and solves the existing problem in medicine, which provides help for the development of medical science.

According to medicine resistance, ultrafine mill can use the medium temperature, low temperature, ultra-low temperature to crush. Ultrafine mill has a wide range of applications. To the dense shellfish, bone herbs and mineral drugs, it has more advantages, and it is suitable for fibrous, high toughness or with certain moisture content of materials. In addition, according to statistics, micronized drug general can save 30%~70% of medicinal materials. It is important to study the significance of the protection of important resources.

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