Sand Washer Role In Sand Production Line

Sand washing machine is a washing equipment of artificial sand. It is widely used for the washing of material in gravel pits, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing stations and other industries. Sand washing machine is the last process of sand production line, and also is a non-ignorable process. Maybe someone will ask that why the finished sand need to washing. Now, we will discuss the role of sand washer in sand production line.
Sand Washer Role In Sand Production Line

Artificial sand is not so simple. After the first coarse crushing, the gravel sand needs to go through the sand making machine. The crushed coarse sand is washed and cleaned by the sand washing machine. After that, this is in accord with the requirement of building sand. Then why does it need sand washing machine? Here is the reason.

Artificial sand surface is much rougher. And the combination with the cement is better. In the process of gravel aggregate processing, it will contain some soil. This will affect the level of aggregate. In order to solve this problem, sand washing machine appears. By using it, the artificial sand can achieve the architecture sand standard.

Sand washing machine is widely used in construction sites, sand factory, hydropower station concrete dam site and many other industries. It has the advantages of high cleanliness, reasonable structure, large treating capacity, low power consumption and so on. Its role in the sand production line is very important.

In the sand washing process, sand wastage is less. Especially the sand washing machine's transmission parts are isolated with water and sand. So the failure rate significantly is lower than currently used sand washing machine. It is the best choice for upgrading in domestic washing sand industry. After the sand washing machine, its water content is not more than 0.8%. Washed stone can be directly fed into the batching bin. So the role of sand washing machine in the system of sand production line is important and can not be ignored.

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