Factors Of The Gear Wear

  • The hard grinding coefficient of broken material is large
    If the grinding coefficient of the material to be broken is large and the impact on the bevel gear is large, then the crusher will easily wear or even break if it is overloaded for a long time.
  • There are impurities in the bevel gear
    In the conical breaking operation, the gear needs strict consistency between the gears, and if the impurities are entered, the friction of the bevel gear will be increased, and the wear and damage will be caused.
  • The lubrication of bevel gear is not good
    Good lubrication condition is one of the effective ways to prevent the wear of all parts of the crusher. If the lubricating oil quality of the gear is not qualified and the lubrication way is not correct, it will destroy the lubrication condition of the gear and increase the wear.
  • The coincidence degree of bevel gear is not suitable
    Bad gear meshing is also an important reason for the damage of conical taper teeth. Because the gear gap is not in the specified range when the gear mesh is not good, which will cause the gear to damage in a short time.
  • Entering the broken foreign body in the crusher
    If the cone crusher can not be broken into blocks and other foreign bodies, when iron device failure is very easy to cause the damage of machine parts, especially gear more harm to.

gear maintenance

One is to ensure the lubrication of the gear and reduce the wear in the gear operation.

Other, we should pay attention to check whether there are impurities or inclusions between gears. If there are any debris, we need to clear them in time, so as not to affect the meshing of gears and reduce the damage of conical crusher gears.

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