Estimated Cost For Stone Crusher Machine

The total capital cost in a stone crushing plant constitutes of two components: Fixed capital cost and Working capital cost.

Fixed capital cost

While the fixed capital component indicates the first cost or the amount of money required for procuring necessary crusher plant, equipment, auxiliaries and related off-site facilitle.

Working capital cost

The working capital component indicates the fund that should be available to commence the plant production.

The estimates may have to be used at pre feasibility stage of project formulation or to even to incorporate in detailed project reports. In either case, the estimates are needed before it can be ascertained accurately. We help you design cost-effective stone crushing solution. Estimated Cost For Stone Crusher Machine

  • Raw material cost
  • Payroll cost
  • Machine cost during uptime
  • Machine cost during downtime
  • Total production cost per metric ton

The total production cost does not differ substantially.The cost of crushing and screening is 2/3 and the raw material is 1/3.

When using the program regarding calculations at construction sites it will be more interesting. At the construction site the churching and screening counts for 45 % of the total cost for production.

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