Calcium Carbonate Micronized Machine

In the calcium carbonate processing line, Ball mill is necessary.

What Is Difference Between Calcite, Calcium Carbonate And Limestone?

Calcite is rhombical shape transparent crystal which is rare in occurance. It is very costly because of underground vein mining inside the earth. Its price varies around 3 to 5 rs per kg of raw material. Mainly used in pharma.

Calcium carbonate is CaCO3. It is not a powder or a product. It is a chemical composition. Anything which contains CaCO3 can be called as calcium carbonate powder. Calcite, Limestone, Aragonite, even Marble etc. can be termed as Calcium Carbonate or CaCO3 powder.

In common terminology, limestone is dull in colour and high in purity and low in price. It is used in steel plant, glass industry etc where color is not a very important criteria.

There are many varied uses for calcium carbonate

  • As raw material for the construction material industry (manufacture of cement and quick lime or limestone for building and road construction)
  • As aggregate in the steel industry
  • As abrasive and polishing agent in toothpaste
  • As mineral fertilizer
  • And as mineral filler or pigment in diverse industrial applications (paper, paint, plaster, plastic, carpet)

Carbonate Micron Powder Grinding Mill

Ball mill is mainly used for grinding materials in such production industries as cement, silicate product, new building materials, chemical engineering, nonferrous and black metal, mineral processing, glass and ceramic, etc. Our company mainly produces two kinds of ball mills, energy-saving ball mill and dry type ball mill. Mining grinding ball mill for ore, cement clinker, gypsum, glass, etc.

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