Analysis Of Faults In The Flywheel

Flywheel is one part of jaw crusher which installed on the opposing side of eccentric shaft bearing .Since jaw crusher is intermittent work, flywheel has working operation and idling rotation, so the load of the motor is uneven, in order to make the load even, Zenith Company saves the idling rotation energy when the movable jaw plate moves away from fixed jaw plate and then will release all the energy out when crushing the materials. Thus, flywheel plays an important role in jaw crusher.

Flywheel Rotates While The Crusher Doesn't Work

Fault: why does the flywheel still rotate while jaw crusher cannot work normally?

Reason: the main reason is that the damage of tie rod device of the eccentric shaft lead to the toggle plate loses supporting force. When the tie rod spring does not work, the toggle plate falls out from the supporting device. In this case, the toggle plate parts because of too much load and the output size cannot be adjusted, which leads to the halt of the jaw crusher main body.

Solution: check the toggle plate and related parts and adjust them timely. When the toggle plate parts, the operator should replace it with a new one and install it immediately.

Flywheel Rotates While The Eccentric Shaft Doesn't Work

Fault: why does the flywheel still rotate while the eccentric shaft rotates very slowly or stop rotating?

Reason: the reason might be that the connecting key between the pulley and flywheel loosen or breaks. Without connecting, the pulley and flywheel cannot work synchronously, which leads to the flywheel and eccentric shaft cannot work synchronously.

Solution: check the connecting key regularly, once found loose or broken, the operator should maintain it timely.

The Abnormal Swing Of Flywheel

Fault: the abnormal swing of flywheel

Reason: after long term operation, the raw materials enter the inner side of the flywheel. This will lead to the crack of grooved wheel shell, at the same time, the hole in the grooved wheel, the pulley, the bearings wear. With these factors, the important parts will loosen and lead to the abnormal swing of flywheel.

Solution: once found the abnormal swing of flywheel, the operator should stop the jaw crusher immediately and check the machine. The operator should add the protective cover for the grooved wheel and change broken the eccentric shaft and grooved wheel timely.

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